What is so special about striper fishing on Lake Texoma? Texoma has the world's largest spawn of striper fish. The limit per person for striper on Lake Texoma is 10. As a result, fishing for striper on Lake Texoma is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Striper bass will bite aggressively year-round and are well-known for putting up a fight. With Travis as your guide, you'll be reeling in fish left & right, and because of this you'll have a great time! Adults and children are welcome on trips, and the boat will seat 8 people.

Travis will fillet and bag your catch so you can take it home with you for your next fish fry. This will take a lot of the hassle off of you, also you know your catch will be filleted precisely and correctly.

All of the equipment you will need is on the boat, but there are some additional items that you should bring along. Check the frequently asked questions page for a list of those items.

If you would like to check the fishing conditions for an upcoming trip, take a look here. If you have questions for Travis or would like to book a trip, please call 405-831-4454


Travis Nossaman has been a guide on Lake Texoma since 2011. He has been fishing on Texoma since 1992. In this time, he has been able to find great locations that are full of striper. Travis has caught them in rain, snow, and shine at Lake Texoma. His number one goal is to help his clients catch fish and ensure that they are having a great experience fishing for striper on Lake Texoma.

To get more information, visit the FAQ page or call Travis at 405-831-4454.

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